We are a family oriented clinic which specializes in Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation, Sports Injuries and a variety of other conditions.

Our clinic has a fully equipped gym and a variety of treatment rooms designed with many windows for plenty of sunlight. We have a professional and friendly staff who make the physiotherapy experience a very pleasant one.

Seven Things that Separate us from Other Physiotherapy Clinics

1. We “care” more and use a lot more hands on therapy than other clinics.  We don’t just cover up the symptoms temporarily with modalities but get to the root cause of the problem.

2.  We have the most experienced practitioners when it comes to the use of acupuncture as well as physiotherapy.  We use acupuncture effectively in combination with physiotherapy and we are more efficient at it.  All of our physiotherapists are qualified to treat using acupuncture and have a higher level of acupuncture knowledge than most physiotherapists.  Most physiotherapists, if they use acupuncture, only treat 6 patients per week using acupuncture while ours treat about 50 patients per week using this highly effective modality.  They have treatment approaches from both the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada and Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches taught by Tom Kiroplis, an experienced Acupuncturist who teaches physiotherapists, massage therapists and naturopaths, techniques in acupuncture.  In fact, our physiotherapists even help facilitate acupuncture courses taught to physiotherapists from all over Canada through aptei.com.  We also use a lot of electro-acupuncture in our clinic which increases the effectiveness of each treatment.  All these factors enable us to provide a more holistic treatment approach.

3.  We have a large team of physiotherapists, one certified acupuncturist, and two massage therapists, which makes for increased collaboration using many health professional’s perspectives, when tackling a challenging problem.

4. Physiotherapists are highly trained in kinesiology and human anatomy and have learned every musculoskeletal condition possible.  We do thorough assessments and discuss the findings with each patient.  We educate the patient about their condition and discuss the time period it usually takes to resolve.

5. We have been around! Opening in 1998, we have helped over 7000 clients with their injuries and conditions – this far exceeds the average number of patients other clinics have seen which is about 1000.  We have steadily grown to be known as a treatment centre which goes the extra mile to ensure our patients receive the treatment they need.

6. We have been voted by the Readers’ Digest as the best clinic in Brampton for Acupuncture for a total of three years!

7. We can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Try us risk-free through our Community Acupuncture Program which is offered bi-weekly and allows people to get an affordable form of health care to get rid of their pain.  Call us at 905-450-7870 to learn more about this.

What Our Patients Say About Us

We listen and ask clear questions to determine what the problem is. We also provide suggestions for self help to improve the condition. We always follow-up and always are very supportive.

Anne Marie

Good communication and excellent service. The best hands on treatment around!

Deloris A

Our staff members are very friendly and courteous and treat you with care. They are always inquiring if you are okay. The atmosphere in the clinic is very good and the air is clean. The clinic is very nice/clean. The service is very good. We try the best we can…

Cleveland B

Friendly staff always making sure patients are comfortable Co-operative team We have a staff that cares for people which is important in a good service Excellent Service

Alice D

Queen West Physio treats each person with care and establishes a professional relationship. Our staff explains each procedure which allows the patient to be a part of their treatment experience. We always provide a positive attitude which is essential for good service.

Michelle N

One on one treatment is always provided Our staff members are always in a positive mood Happy environment to brighten up your day Our staff makes everybody feel at HOME

Russell S