They listen, and ask clear questions to determine what the problem is. They provide suggestions for self help to improve the condition. They always follow-up and always are very supportive. Keep up the good work – it is very much appreciated!
Good communication and excellent service. The best hands on treatment around!
I find your treatments very good and comfortable, you make me happy when I see results from treatment to my injuries improved and getting better. The staff members are very friendly and courteous and treat you with care. They are always enquiring if you are okay. The atmosphere in the clinic is very good and the air is clean. The clinic is very nice/clean. The service to me was very good. I know now where I can go to get the best service. It was excellent, and I would recommend this clinic to my family/friends!
  • Friendly staff which makes me feel comfortable
  • Co-operative team
  • They really care for people which is important in a good service
  • The service is excellent. Thank you all!
Queen West Physio treats each person with care and establishes a professional relationship. They explain each procedure which allows the patient to be a part of their treatment experience. Positive attitude is consistent each time I come in. I always notice this and it is much appreciated. Over all a great experience here at Queen West!
Dedicated staff - Whenever I come in here, the staff know exactly where I am with my physio and what I need to do. Knowledgeable staff - they seem to know more about the abilities and limitations of the human body than even my own doctor!
  • One on one treatment is always provided
  • Everyone that works at Queen West is always in a good mood
  • A happy environment is good when one is very sore and down
  • Therapists have a very special touch and do a very good job
  • I come in as a winded duck and come out ready for another day
  • The staff is great and makes me feel at HOME