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Sunil Bhatia
  • Sunil graduated with his degree in physiotherapy in 2006 and then did specialization in neurology in 2008.
  • He worked in speciality hospitals in India as a senior physiotherapist and as the head of the department in a neurological rehabilitation unit.
  • Sunil also had a rewarding experience working as a physiotherapist in the Commonwealth Games in 2010 which took place in Delhi.
  • As a registered physiotherapist, he is focused to provide quality care to his clients by integrating patient centred, evidence-based practice, using his clinical experience which involves manual therapy, modalities, myofascial release, exercise prescription, and patient education.
  • Sunil treats all body regions but is more focussed on neck pain, back pain, shoulder and knee injuries, as well as vestibular rehab (treating dizziness) and neurological cases.
  • In his free time, Sunil loves to play cricket and enjoys archery as he used to play archery for a state team.
  • He can speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and little bit of Arabic.