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The quality of air in your living space is just as important as the quality of water and food that you have on a daily basis.  We need to take breathing as seriously as we do eating and exercising. We obsess over the solids and the liquids that go into our bodies; now it is time to take inventory of the gases.

Follow these tips for ensuring that your air quality is acceptable:

  1. Don’t allow smoking in your house. If you smoke, you should quit. It’s unhealthy. If you are not ready to quit yet, simply limit your smoking to outside of your house, as far away as possible from any entrance.
  2. Change the filter on your furnace or air conditioner every three to six months. Use a high-efficiency filter to keep out a third more pollutants.
  3. Get rid of your particle-board furniture. Particle board and other pressed woods often contain formaldehyde. That is a known carcinogen, so please get rid of it.
  4. Keep your home dry. Do you have a basement with water stains all over the floor? Dry that place out. Mold and mildew can be some of the most damaging things in your home’s air.
  5. Carpets usually decrease air quality. There are some new kinds of carpet that are a little less problematic, but for the most part, carpets collect dust and dander. Vacuum your carpets regularly.
  6. Eliminate any air fresheners. These chemicals are generally unhealthy to breathe, despite the fact that they can eliminate bathroom odours.
  7. Use only environmentally friendly cleansers. Those harsh, abrasive chemically potent cleansers can have a very negative effect on your lungs.
  8. Avoid using moth balls. They are too potent for any pair of lungs.
  9. Keep your house clean. You air quality can be increased dramatically by simply keeping dirt and clutter to a minimum.
  10. Test for radon, asbestos, lead and other materials that might be hidden in your home. These are the most poisonous and potentially emit the most harmful chemicals found in your air.
  11. Use an air purifier on a daily basis. Air purifiers can improve the quality of your air drastically and ensure that you have a more pleasant and productive day.

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